Welcome to GrayhornsGrayhorns founded in 1994, provides quality assurance and quality control services to a number of leading national and multinational oil and gas companies. Grayhorns is internationally recognized for procurement outsourcing and materials management services that cover the entire spectrum of materials and equipment in the petroleum industry. We provide procurement outsourcing and materials management for the entire oil and gas industry which includes the supply of pipes, valves and fittings, the provision of procurement specialists and materials management consulting.

Grayhorns is also in the business of managing all levels of procurement services as well as providing oilfield supplies to support petroleum drilling, construction, refining, and production operations. As an oilfield supplier, Grayhorns is your competitive alternative to the major supply houses.

Our fundamental belief is that we will meet the needs and expectations of our clients, their customers, and our colleagues - whatever it takes. We have a "can do" attitude that permeates the organization and gives us energy and enthusiasm. When problems occur, we turn them into opportunities by resolving them quickly, completely, and elegantly.

In achieving our objective of providing high quality solutions, our approach is first to obtain a clear and precise understanding of customer requirements.

Our approach enables us to understand the long term requirements of our customers and ensure to meet these specific goals.

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